5 Tips for creating a great Facebook page

  1. Choose an appropriate picture


According to postplanner.com a company’s Facebook page profile represents your page throughout Facebook to fans and non-followers.  A company’s picture should clearly identify the brand or company


The K club is a good example of how a profile picture can clearly indicate the Facebook page owner.







The profile picture of the Europe Hotel doesn’t clearly  identify the hotel to fans or followers and might be confusing when Facebook recommends it as a suggested page.






2. Choose a good username

According to Forbes.com it is extremely important to have a good username as it will also appear as your URL, it is easier to search for a page that has a short name and is easy to spell.


facebook URL (short )This is a great URL for a Facebook page , It is short and just contains the name of the page, This is effective as people will be more inclined to search the page if the name is short.



cork flower studio

The URL for this Facebook page is too long and contains too many numbers, this would mean that people are not going to view the page as much because they are not going to type in the long URL.


3. Update your page regularly


According to Koozai it is vital to update your Facebook page regularly, updating your Facebook page often will improve your ranking so the more you update the better it is for your pages visibility. As well as improved rankings, regular updates will lead to more traffic on your site. In a study done in 2013 by the social media examiner study,  75% of marketers stated increased traffic as the second best benefit they gained from social media marketing.


Capture.PNG Huckleberry’s is a great example of a page that updates regularly, they update their page with pictures, status updates and they also make videos that they upload to the page. This is great for publicity for the page as customers know that they will have regular updates about the store and their products




Capture.PNGThe Mars bar Facebook page hasn’t updated their page page since the 20th of January, which means that there hasn’t been many people visiting their page because they have no reason to and they are not coming up on peoples timelines. If Mars updates more regularly they would be more likely to have more customer interaction.


4.Fill out your ‘About’ section with basic information, and add company milestones.

According to Hubspot is it important to have your about section full of important information, it is the first place a customer will look when they want infermation about your company.


Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 21.05.22.png In my opinion, Kearys Renault have a good about section on Facebook. It contains their contact information, email and the address of their store in Cork. This is easy for customers to find when they visit the site and don’t have to go looking for any information.


Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 21.12.24.pngCrafty Creations, Like many small business have a poor about section this is an inconvenience for customer and they will have to look for numbers and where to contact the company, this is bad for the company as there is less on a chance of customers actually going further than the Facebook page.


5. Connect like a friend not a business.

According to Forbes it is important to connect like a friend and not just a business , Facebook is all about the personal experience, so treating it simply as a promotional outlet will not benifit you or the customer. Post news and updates in a simple, informal and fun way. No marketing hype or press release stuff and you will get more traffic on the page.

494421A7-C46D-4452-A6C8-139D26EAA422Huckleberries have a great way of  interacting with customers on their Facebook page , they get you to tag friends and run compitions and their statuses are targeted more to the customer than just informing people on their products. This is great way to get people to keep coming back to your page.


CFFA8958-F138-45D9-BA8F-DBB85239C890.jpegAn Post have a well updated Facebook page with most of the necessary elements of a great page but they are lacking in the idea of treating customers like friends and not always about the business. They have lots of followers but because the statuses they post are trying to sell a product or promote their services people don’t tend to like or share their posts. It would be better for them to change the aim of their posts.







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